Friday, April 24, 2015

Five Things - Owl Door Headdesk Edition

I started a new job this week. And I am thrilled about it and excited to be here and I think it's going to be really great and I am also totally and completely DONE. I am exhausted and overwhelmed and all I want to do is curl up in a ball and completely change careers. I am looking for something with no real responsibility, no overtime hours, no commute, no stress and a big, fat, paycheck, preferably of the every two weeks variety. I haven't had one of those puppies in years.

Any ideas?

That's what I thought.

Anyway, I am much, much too some word I can't think of to be coherent or to put together a list that makes sense, so here's just

Five Things (Not Related)

  1. I'm going to redecorate the living room again. I've been doing various stages of this since it became my living room and there was no other adult voice to tell me that my metal owls and constantly moving tables were stupid. I've painted and rearranged and taken everything off the walls and put new stuff on the walls and made art and generally taken over the living room. But it still doesn't really look like it should be my  living room, because I've been stuck with this plaid furniture that I loved five or six years ago when I bought it on a whim. Don't buy sofas on a whim, even if they are super cheap and still wrapped in plastic and at the ReStore and you are terrified that if you leave they'll be sold before you can come back.  You know, honestly, I don't regret the purchase, but I'm glad that they are retiring. Anyway, I have new couches coming, they are green, but they are plain green and they are deep and the sofa is really long and I can sleep on them when I can't sleep in my bed and I am so happy. So, prepare for new colors. The soft, outdoorsy mossy green is going to fit in perfectly with what's already there, but this is the beginning. I am going to have color, people! Color.
  2. Usually September is my month from hell. There are no free weekends in the entire month and then it's October and there are so many fun, Halloweeny things to do, but this year... This year, April is kicking my ass. I went on vacation (which was awesome, but tiring) and then it was Easter and then Brynna got baptized and then I was quitting my job and then I went to Girl Scout Camp and then I started a new job and this weekend, there are 26 things to do. It's so bad that last night, the Ex was like, "Hey, this weekend looks rough, do you need me?" Which is awesome, but then I am a stubborn, overly independent thing who totally said "What? No, I'm just blowing off about half of it." Which is true, I am, but it's going to be crazy. I'm just holding out until next weekend, when the kids are gone and the house will be quiet. In between softball games at least.
  3. My baby brother is getting married. He's been engaged for a few months, but the other night, they finally set the date and I am so excited. I tried to talk them into getting married on my divorciversary, but they seemed to think that would be bad luck or something. :)
  4. There's a comic book store within walking distance of my new office. Goodbye pocket money.
  5. There is no five. It's like the cake. 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

More About Last Week

So, in other news, I quit my job last week.

Well, kinda. I gave my notice last week, while on vacation, which felt super skeezey, but was just the best I could do. I'm here for this week and next and then I move on. So, some thoughts on this whole thing:

Over the past year or two, I have periodically referred to stress at work or being upset about work or so forth and so on. I have not exactly liked my job very much during that time. It's been every kind of anxiety you can possibly imagine.

It's a good job and for the most part, I have worked with amazing people. From time to time those people, being real life human beings have acted in ways that aren't stellar, but for the most part, they have been great. I like the organization. I like many, many things about my job.

But, this is, to some degree at least, the nonprofit life. We are dependent on gifts. Gifts are dependent on the overall financial health of the nation. That hasn't been great.

We also operate on a pretty thin margin. This varies by organization and many have a nice year or two worth of funds put back for cushion, but in my experience, most don't. Most are a matter months away from not making payroll. Nonprofits are the working class of businesses, Always a couple of paydays away from homeless.

And, our biggest expense is our people. Which means, that when funds are low, you can cut programs, which you don't want to do because programs are why you are there, or you can cut people or benefits.

In the past eighteen months, our staff has reduced by 66%. Our benefits have decreased. Our workload has increased. And our stress level has gone insane.

This is not the fault of my boss or my board or the organization. This is the nature of the nonprofit beast. This is the world I make a profession in. And it sucks.

I haven't written about any of this because, you know, job. And I'm being as vague as I can be, because you know, bridges. But what I can tell you is that the last couple of years have wreaked havoc on my health, both emotional and physical. I get way more headaches than I used to, my depression has reached exciting new heights and panic attacks. Panic attacks suck.

And, still. I have mixed feelings about leaving.

I'm excited about my new opportunity. But I am sad to leave. I've been here 7 years. This job is older than one of my kids. I've been through 3 cars in this job. (Which sounds bad actually, but it was kind of the tail end of one and then the van from hell... eh, I'm not explaining myself.) This, in many ways is home. I know this place like I know my house and I will miss it. I will miss my people and my office and my job.

But, with any luck, I won't miss the sleepless nights or the constant upset stomach or the nagging headaches. Hopefully, this is going to equal a healthier, happier me.

Nonprofit is a passion. People don't do it for the money or the benefits or the job security, because those things are not all that great in nonprofit. We do it, because at the end of the day we want to feel like someone, somewhere is living a better life because of something we did. We do it because we want to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

But it is a hard life. Not like logger hard or ice road trucker hard or crab fisherman hard. But hard. Chances are you know someone who works in nonprofit. We are a pretty big chunk of the economy. Give 'em a hug.

Monday, April 6, 2015

A Week in the Life - Weird Things are Worth It

Last week was a busy, crazy, amazing and wonderful week. This week, I'm going to talk about it. At length. Pull up a chair. 

So, the big thing last week was that I went on vacation. I took my sweet children and we hightailed it down to the beach in Alabama. I'd like to gush on and on about how much I now love the beach in Alabama and how, except for Disney of course, Florida is now dead to me. But I'm not going to, at least not today.

Today, I'm going to talk about my company at the beach. I was invited, rather sweetly, to sally forth on this adventure by my ex-husband's girlfriend. Her family was going to go live the beach house life and would like to know if me and my girls would like to come along.

I'll be honest, ya'll, I was not immediately sure if the answer was yes. So much awkwardness could have happened. So much discomfort. But, I love my girls and they love their sorta stepmama and all the assorted cousins and aunts and uncles that come along with that. And I really like that stepmama, I mean, like really like her. So, I figured it wouldn't be torture and after asking a few hundred times if she was really sure she was good with this, I packed my bags.

And it. was. wonderful.

We had a blast. We talked and talked and talked and talked. We talked til 2 a.m. a couple of times. We shopped and ate and swam and yelled at the kids simultaneously. We went out to dinner and took the kids bowling and laid on the beach. We drank and teased the kids and each other.

And I am so glad I did it.

About a million years ago, my ex and I were not yet exes. We weren't even considering being exes, but we were watching someone we knew fighting over their kids and refusing to cooperate and we looked at each other and vowed that would never be us.

I'm sure every ex-couple fighting and complaining and insisting on separate parent-teacher conferences probably said the same thing, though. It gets complicated. You get hurt and you get beaten down and you just want to remove yourself from all the toxins. I get that. There are lines, things that I just won't do. But those things are not things that my affect my kids.

We happily attend family night at the book fairs together and save each other seats at concerts and ballgames. We invite each other to dinners and we shop for supplies together. We compare Christmas lists and birthday party plans. We all sat in two pews (because there were too many of us, not because we were purposely separated) on Sunday morning and watched Brynna get baptized.

And yeah, sometimes it's weird. Sometimes I have to talk to someone who hurt me when I am feeling vulnerable. And sometimes, I wonder why the hell he fixed her mailbox and mailbox was broken for four years. And sometimes, embarrassingly, I call out a thoughtless "Love you," when I'm trying to get the girls get in the car or get off the phone or whatever it is I need them to do.

But, let me tell you something. What started out as "be nice or die trying," slowly turned into the three of us laughing on her front porch on warm summer nights while the kids played in the yard. It turned into sharing stories and pictures and being flexible about weekends and crazy schedules. It turned into a lot of "whatevers" about stuff that could cause fights and "totally fines" about things that might not have always been totally fine.

It turned into friends.

Maybe that's weird, but I've always had a weird family. Now it's just a little weirder. And a lot bigger.

*Okay, so after I wrote all this, I started thinking about it from an outsider's perspective and I have disclaimers. THIS WILL NOT WORK FOR EVERYONE. Sometimes, the only safe thing to do is to build distance. Sometimes the best you can manage is business-like. This is in no way me saying "this is how you should do it." You - do you. Make that family work however you can make that family work. This is just me being slightly amazed and very, very thankful.

Friday, March 20, 2015

The Triumphant Return of Five Things

It's a big day, ya'll. First of all, it's the vernal equinox. I love equinoxes... equinoxi... Spell check tells me the first is correct, but the latter is more fun. There is something magical about feeling like the world is in perfect balance. It's like the saying a broken clock being right twice a year... A broken world is balanced twice a year.

Secondly, it's International Day of Happiness. I don't know exactly what that is, but there you go. Do you really need an excuse to celebrate happiness?

And finally, it's the triumphant return of Five Things on Friday. In keeping with my new I'm gonna blog when I want about what I want and not anything else, I feel the need to tell you not to expect it every Friday, but I do miss these posts.

So, here we go. In honor of the world balanced on a straight pin between darkness and light and International Day of Happiness...

Five Things That Make Me Happy:
1. Stolen time with the girls.

2. Watching my kids kick ass.

3. Cocoa. Also, Snow days. Also, downtime.

4. All of space and time. 

5. Sleepy River. 
What makes you happy?

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Today Sucks

I am having a rough day, ya'll. First thing, my car was broken into last night. I mean, I use the term "broken into" pretty loosely, because there's no damage to the car, so either I accidentally left it unlocked (which I NEVER do) or someone *cough*Brynna*cough* didn't shut their door all the way.

In any case, they rifled through my center console and took about $2 out of my emergency cash box. (That's right, I'm only prepared for tiny emergencies) and all the change out of my change sorter. They also took my bank card. They left anything of real value, like some decent electronics and Brynna's purse with all her Christmas gift cards in it.

So, the card is really all I'm worried about and so far, so good. I think we may have gotten it cancelled before they used it.

But all the craziness made me about an hour late for work.

Plus, when I got to work I realized my clothes didn't match at all. Like, not even a little. I know, that's tiny in comparison, but I've spent all day looking at this cami that is positively orange next to my black and pink top.

I'm also having siding drama. I keep revising what I am going to do to the front of my house to meet what I can afford and actually want and would improve the value of my house. And I'm just not getting anything done. At this point, I just want to rip it all down, give the old wood siding underneath a fresh coat of paint and scream in triumph.

I'm also having job drama. And I'm just going to leave that right there.

I've got two places to be tonight and I won't get home until late and all I want to do is sleep for a week.

But, in no time, I'll be on the beach. I'm not telling you when I'm going or how long I'll be gone though. You might be the one who broke into my car.