Friday, March 20, 2015

The Triumphant Return of Five Things

It's a big day, ya'll. First of all, it's the vernal equinox. I love equinoxes... equinoxi... Spell check tells me the first is correct, but the latter is more fun. There is something magical about feeling like the world is in perfect balance. It's like the saying a broken clock being right twice a year... A broken world is balanced twice a year.

Secondly, it's International Day of Happiness. I don't know exactly what that is, but there you go. Do you really need an excuse to celebrate happiness?

And finally, it's the triumphant return of Five Things on Friday. In keeping with my new I'm gonna blog when I want about what I want and not anything else, I feel the need to tell you not to expect it every Friday, but I do miss these posts.

So, here we go. In honor of the world balanced on a straight pin between darkness and light and International Day of Happiness...

Five Things That Make Me Happy:
1. Stolen time with the girls.

2. Watching my kids kick ass.

3. Cocoa. Also, Snow days. Also, downtime.

4. All of space and time. 

5. Sleepy River. 
What makes you happy?

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Today Sucks

I am having a rough day, ya'll. First thing, my car was broken into last night. I mean, I use the term "broken into" pretty loosely, because there's no damage to the car, so either I accidentally left it unlocked (which I NEVER do) or someone *cough*Brynna*cough* didn't shut their door all the way.

In any case, they rifled through my center console and took about $2 out of my emergency cash box. (That's right, I'm only prepared for tiny emergencies) and all the change out of my change sorter. They also took my bank card. They left anything of real value, like some decent electronics and Brynna's purse with all her Christmas gift cards in it.

So, the card is really all I'm worried about and so far, so good. I think we may have gotten it cancelled before they used it.

But all the craziness made me about an hour late for work.

Plus, when I got to work I realized my clothes didn't match at all. Like, not even a little. I know, that's tiny in comparison, but I've spent all day looking at this cami that is positively orange next to my black and pink top.

I'm also having siding drama. I keep revising what I am going to do to the front of my house to meet what I can afford and actually want and would improve the value of my house. And I'm just not getting anything done. At this point, I just want to rip it all down, give the old wood siding underneath a fresh coat of paint and scream in triumph.

I'm also having job drama. And I'm just going to leave that right there.

I've got two places to be tonight and I won't get home until late and all I want to do is sleep for a week.

But, in no time, I'll be on the beach. I'm not telling you when I'm going or how long I'll be gone though. You might be the one who broke into my car.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Why I Can't Actually Move to Alaska

I have this lifelong dream of living somewhere really cold. Somewhere where a white Christmas is all but guaranteed and spring does not mean 90 degree days in April. (Although, with the help of global climate change, I think I'm gonna get that without actually moving.)

But the last two winters have taught me something. I like spring.

I never really thought about it. I love fall and winter and hate summer and it always seemed like spring would be nice if it lasted longer than a couple days. (A lot of people think KY has lovely springs and I guess it does if you don't have allergies and hate all weather above 80 degrees. I'm sorry, but if it's 90 and the humidity is 89%, it's summer. It just is.)

But last year's epic cold and this year's late cold and epic snow has taught me that I just want to see the freakin' ground. I want grass and blue skies and an end to the eternal gray. I want to walk outside without bundling up like the little brother in A Christmas Story. I can't put my arms down, ya'll.

Today, we have something that looks very much like spring. The snow is melting, the rain is falling in a pleasingly ground soaking fashion (and okay, yeah, with the runoff we've got flooding) and it's a balmy 45 out there. And yet, we're going to have snow by the end of the day. Around a foot if the forecasts are right.

And then I'll cry. Because seriously, I just cannot with more snow.

I'm going to be snowed in with the kids again. I'm going to bundle them up and kick them out to sled and then be making hot chocolate ten whole minutes later, because - Newsflash - snow is cold.

On the bright side, free day off work. And maybe I'll sew. And get some cleaning done. And stay in my pj's till noon. I mean, it won't be all bad. I hope.

All I know is that this year, I am going to enjoy my two days of actual spring to the fullest. I am going to party like it's March 21.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Dear Me

In celebration of International Women's Day, the hashtag #DearMe has been making the rounds, followed by notes to the author's younger selves. I wanna play...

Dear me,

My impulse here is to say, "It gets better." The truth, though, is that it does get better and it also gets worse and then it gets better all over again. The truth is, that graduating high school, graduating college, getting married, getting a real job, having kids (all things that happen) are not magic bullets. There is not a moment when it really becomes all uphill from here or all downhill from here. It is always a roller coaster.

Some things get better: as adults, people tend to spend less time making a concerted effort to make you feel bad about yourself. Some things get worse: after all that, you can do a delightful job on your own. Some things just change: you will need glasses and your hands will get cold. Some things never change: you still love to write and sleep late.

One of the things that will never change is that people will always want you to be something else. They'll want you to be dumber or prettier or smarter or funnier or lazier or more athletic or more together than you are. If you don't play along, it will make them uncomfortable and they will probably just pretend you are anyway.

Don't play along.

Don't ever pretend to be anything other than what you are. And stop right now lying to yourself about who that is. You are a pretty fabulous kid. You are unstoppable. Stop telling yourself that you're not all that smart and that you're not as pretty as your friends. Stop telling yourself that no one will ever fall in love with you or that you'll never get that book written. Stop saying that you're just not that special, that you're just like everyone else, that you're more or less normal. You. Are. Not.

You are amazing and talented and you don't need any of them. You don't need anyone who doesn't treat you like a totally phenomenal human being, because that's what you are. You need to stop believing what they say and standing up for yourself.

Don't worry about not liking what everyone else likes or reading what everyone else reads. Don't worry about wearing the right things and fitting in. Don't worry so much about everyone else's feelings and worry just a little more about yours.

It's tempting to just fit. I know that. But I am here to tell you, there's a lot of pain coming your way and most of it is down to settling and believing that you aren't worth better. You are. You are worth so much better. Don't let the assholes win.


P.S. Really, love yourself. You're pretty lovable.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Advice, Please

You what practically no one does on the Internet? Ask for advice! (Wait, they do, whatever, pretend.) So, here are some things I've been needing feedback on. Let me know what you think. Pretty please. I'll likely ignore you, but maybe not. Maybe you'll completely turn my life around and I will owe you for everything. Really, all the things. Maybe.

This is a Frankenstein picture depicting what I'd like my
house to look like. I know that I probably won't fill a window
box with mutant, giant Gerbera daisies. It's just inspiration.
Also, my house doesn't lean, but it turns out the best picture
I have of my house is the one I stole off Google Street View.
I've been thinking a lot lately about landscaping. (Also, my inner teenager is cringing that I even wrote that sentence with a straight face.) Here's the thing with me and "gardening:" I love planting. I love getting out in the spring and digging in the dirt and stepping back from my tiny flower beds with love and joy in my glistening eyes. Unfortunately, then I'm done. I don't weed, I don't water, I don't notice them half the time. By June, I have huge overgrown weed beds. I don't want to do that anymore. Here's what I need: plants that are kinda hard to kill, plants that will grown outside in KY, full sun plants, and preferably big stuff - like bushes that will make the house look more finished without requiring I learn a lot of new skills. Also, does anyone have a mountain laurel? I'm curious. I've read lots of great things about them and it seems like a no brainer (except for the poisonous part) but almost no one sells them. I'm wondering why.

I've been cooking. I made bananas foster, strawberry scones and a great big pot of failed chicken noodle soup. I mean seriously, I gave it to the cats, that's how bad it was. I tend to settle into about 10 or 15 go to things to make and I'm trying to branch out. Both because I like to cook when it's not boring and tedious, and because I'm hoping to get my kids to be more adventurous eaters. (I realize that nothing I've made so far is adventurous, baby steps, people.) But Brynna and I were talking the other day and we realized that my veggie repotoir is sad and pathetic. I love spinach and put in a lot of things. Green beans, corn, peas and broccoli are all pretty much staples. That's about it. I hate brussell sprouts and the kids hate asparagus. I like raw carrots but can't stand them cooked. What are your go to veggie dishes? What should I be making for my kiddos?

Okay, that's all I need right now. Let me know what you think about my completely mundane problems.