Monday, August 4, 2014

36 Things to do While I'm 36

Another trip around the Earth has been completed. I am officially 36 years old. That means that I am closer to 40 than 30, now. Which seems unrealistic. I mean, how can someone who thinks she's still 17 be pushing 40? But whatever, age is just a number. I've spent the last year trying to prove that, and I think I've made a valiant effort. (Even if I pretty much failed completely at last year's list.)

Speaking of last year's list, go ahead and click to the right to see my progress with 33 Things, 34 Things and 35 Things. You can also check back here periodically, as I will update with my accomplishments or snarky comments.

36 Things to Do While I'm 36

  1. Take way more pictures of the kids
  2. Be in more pictures with my girls
  3. Take the girls somewhere they've never been - planned
  4. Play with the kids - I've really been working on this. Some days are better than others, but the key seems to be finding things we all actually want to do.
  5. Get outside with the girls - I've been doing better with this. 
  6. Don't blow off bedtime stories - eh... I'm still blowing them off sometimes, but Maren and I have started Harry Potter!
  7. Get new family pictures 
  8. Volunteer with the kids - 9/13/2012
Take Care of Yo-self
  1. See 6 non-kid movies in the theater - Gone with the Wind, Rocky Horror Picture Show
  2. Rebuild my emergency fund (take 3)
  3. Track what I read 
  4. Read at least 50 books - 24 down, 26 to go
  5. Do something fun for me every month - August - drive in, September - Gone with the Wind day, October - failure, November - Black Friday, December - Party, January - failure, February - Girls' Night!, March - ComicCon and Rocky Horror!
  6. Walk 200 miles - 211 so far - Woo Hoo! Let's see if I can make it 400
  7. Deadlift my bodyweight - 31.25% bodyweight so far
  8. Spend more time doing things that I love
  9. Spend more time with people I love
  10. Quit the groups I don't love and find new places to belong
  11. Go somewhere by myself
  12. Say yes instead of no 10 times 
  13. Say no instead of yes 10 times - 3 down, 7 to go
My Home, My Hobby
  1. Make the front of my house look like someone lives there (take 3)
  2. Finish my kitchen - cabinets painted and new hardware
  3. Clean the basement
  4. Make my bedroom into my happy place (take 2)
  5. Get housecleaning under control - for all of us - better than it has been 
  6. Do something super cool and Pinterest worthy
  7. Throw a party - 12/3/2014
  8. Cute up the deck
Actual to Goodness Buckety Listy Type of Things
  1. Finish a book (take 3)
  2. Knit a scarf to prove I can (take 4)
  3. Sew something for me, for Maren and for Brynna
  4. Tell people I appreciate how much I appreciate them
  5. Donate blood - Done! 8/20/2014
  6. Watch a meteor shower - I watched about ten minutes of the Perseid meteor shower, but I had to get up the next morning, yadda-yadda. I really need one on a weekend.
  7. Make a completely irresponsible decision


Sharon Rickard said...

This one is totally great! You can do it all!!

Jessi said...

Sharon - If history is any indication, I probably can't, but I'm going to give it a shot!